The health and safety of our workers at the quarries and the factory is our non-negotiable priority. For this purpose, we have a health and safety manager and consultant, a doctor, and a supervising engineer, who are present at the factory and are visiting weekly each of our quarries.

In the framework of the prevention and treatment of any estimated occupational hazard in the field of quarries, we hold seminars, briefings and trainings sessions to all those employed in the quarries. Specifically every year we conduct:

  • Health and safety seminars in a specially designed area at the factory premises.
  • On-site health and safety seminars in each of our quarries.
  • First Aid Seminar at our factory.
  • Simulation of an accident at work in each of our quarries.

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Greek Red Cross in 2015 we carried out the Basic First Aid Training Program and a large part of our employees received the European First Aid Diploma.