Marmyk Iliopoulos SA was founded in 1979 in Argolida, Peloponnese and since then produces consistently high quality of a wide variety of colored marbles throughout Greece.

MARMYK is an acronym for the words Marmara of Mycenae, referring to the ancient city of Argolis and the first marble we mined in our region, Mycenae (Mycenae). The monumental works of ancient Mycenaean civilization and their contribution to the evolution of Greek culture are a permanent source of inspiration for us.

Our aim everyday, is to create, together with our customers, timeless works that will highlight the luxury and high aesthetics of marble.

Through a wide variety of marbles, which means a wide range of colors for this mineral material, we provide specialized solutions for the special application requirements of marble.

Marmyk liopoulos is a family business with a long course in the marble industry, whose vision is the satisfaction of its customers and employees.

Our experience and passion for marble, are the factors for the unceasing improvement of the quality, processing and service level we provide.

Our Executives

Export Manager

Anatolie Iliopoulou


Athanasios & Ioanna Iliopoulos

General Manager

Panos Iliopoulos

Production Manager

Ilias Iliopoulos

Sales Manager

Aspasia Iliopoulou

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